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  • Will you protect our furniture and floors?
    Of course! We treat your home as we would treat our own. We use butyl drop cloths which are waterproof so perfect for covering up furniture. Then we use a self-adhesive non slip film to protect carpets and a soft covering for wood floors.
  • Will you move our furniture?
    We normally work around your furniture, covering up and ensuring nothing can be damaged. We would advise you to move anything that is fragile before hand.
  • Can I provide the paint?
    We are more than happy to work with the paint that you source yourself, as long as its fairly new and of a good quality, as we would not want to compromise on finish. We can also source the paint if you would prefer and would provide this seperatly in the quote for you to see.
  • Do you provide all the materials needed for the job?
    We can provide all the materials needed for each job such as fillers, caulks, sanders, cleaners etc.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we have up to £2,000,000 professional public liability insurance. This can be increased if needed for a specific job.
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